Line mesuring2

Line lasers

Laser as a tool for labeling, alignment and positioning. Line lasers for industrial and craft used for identification, alignment and positioning of workpieces or tools. Su...

Laser projectors

Laser projectors with laser lines projecirajo precise forms, templates, patterns or any other form in all possible areas.

Laser measurements

Production processes can be kept under review, which ensures quality and reduces the amount of rejected products. LAP measurement systems are very flexible and easy to install a...

Incremental optical encoders

Incremental optical encoders. Rotary encoder, also called as encoderska shaft, the electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position of the shaft or axle.

Optical absolute encoders

The optical encoder's disc is made of glass or plastic with transparent and opaque areas. A light source and photo detector array reads the optical pattern that results from the...
Ms36 • msc36

Magnetic encoders

Magnetic linear encoders employ either active (magnetized) or passive (variable reluctance) scales and position may be sensed using sense-coils, Hall Effect or magnetoresistive ...

Magnetic incremental sensors

Although there are significant differences between the sensors are used for these signals to magnetic sensors, and most of all involve some sort of primary signal sensor indicat...

Absolute magnetic sensors

For elevators.

Displays and position controllers

Universal display with high performance.

Positioning units

Positioning unit for machine tool. Equipment and accessory for machine tool.

Other products

Accessories for encoders and draw wire units

Roll Profiles - Roll Crown Measurement

Roll Profile / Roll Crown Measurement: Measurement of Diameter Variation of a cylinder.